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C A Phipps


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Pick up the first 3 Books in the Beagle Diner Mysteries in a bundle!

Lyra St. Claire is a celebrity chef and cooking is all she's ever wanted to do. Being plucked from school and thrown into the limelight was not the plan, and when everything goes wrong, she yearns for her hometown and a simpler life.

But before she can make any changes, she must find the murderer. Could it be the same person who wants to ruin her career?

If you love cooking wrapped around a mystery, then this is the series for you!

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The frosting bag shot from Lyra’s hand to land smack on the head of her beagle, where a line of frosting now dripped between caramel-colored eyes. In the blink of those eyes, a long tongue wiped off half the mess.
Lyra St. Claire was in her happy place and unprepared when her assistant, Maggie Parker, burst into the Portland Hotel suite she often leased. 
“Lucky that wasn’t chocolate frosting, Mags. Where’s the fire?” Lyra stooped to snatch the bag from the furry head. Not that Cinnamon was bothered by that or her sticky fur. The adorable pooch loved cupcakes which was why she sat hopefully at Lyra’s feet during the whole process.

The mainly white dog had a brown back, as if a dusting of cinnamon had been poured along her from head to tail. At least the color had been more that shade as a pup. Now her coat was paler—more of a biscuit shade, really—but it was too late to rue that. Besides, Cinnamon sounded far better than Biscuit. 

When Lyra looked up again, Maggie was leaning on the kitchen counter. “You’re very pale, Mags. Are you ill?”

Maggie shook her head. “I wish there was a right way to tell you this. There’s been an accident at the contestants’ hotel.”

“Did someone get burned?” That would make perfect sense, as it was a cooking contest that Lyra was judging in Boise, and burns were unfortunately frequent in her profession. “Please tell me they’re okay.”

“If only I could.” Maggie grimaced. “Justine Long fell from her balcony. She’s dead.”
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