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Candy Corruption (PAPERBACK)

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The Cozy Café Mysteries Continue. . .

A body!

The weapon—a car?

Finger-pointing and more questions than there are answers have Scarlett in a spin. With too much work and not enough hands, the last thing she needs is to take time to solve this mystery. Yet, she has to help a friend in need, because that’s how the Finch sisters were raised.

George, their new cat, has a paw firmly on the clues, but it will take more than a lick and a promise to save the day when evil comes to Cozy Hollow. And how will he cope with another addition to the household?

The Cozy Café mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a family-focused café owner who discovers she's a talented amateur sleuth—and a magnet for animals.

PAPERBACK. Book 2 in The Cozy Café series.