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The Trouble With Love (PAPERBACK)

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Book 3 in the Women's Fiction Sycamore Springs Series.

Friends to lovers?
Is that even a real thing?

Delilah Brown

Sycamore Springs might be a great place to live for most people. For me, it’s a nightmare. Between a horrible boss and taking care of my sick mom, there’s little time for day-dreaming, but when I do manage a few minutes, sexy Sam’s always there.

I know he’s great, but I can’t be distracted from my responsibilities. Even when he pushes buttons I thought were out of commission.

Samson Kershaw

Happy and in love—can you have one without the other? I’m trying hard to accept the possibility.
Problem 1 - I am not a couple and have no prospect of becoming one in the near future. There is definitely a connection between the hairdresser and me, but she won’t take me seriously. Which is problem number 2.

Delilah’s as independent as she is beautiful and completely uninterested in a real estate agent who turns into a fool around her.

PAPERBACK. Book 2 in The Sycamore Springs series.