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Cheryl Phipps

One More Dance (EBOOK)

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Small town Second Chance Romance - Dreamers Bay Book 3

Is home the best medicine?

Returning to Dreamers Bay to care for his father, Doctor Jamie Morris has no intention of staying longer than necessary. This small town knows far too much about him, and he’s done with pity.

The shock of his dad’s illness must have clouded his judgment, or he would have steeled himself against seeing Stephanie. The only woman he’s ever loved is once more playing havoc with his heart and mind.

He still wants her, but the future he craves is calling, and he knows he can’t have both.

The chance for Stephanie to realize her dream of opening her café arrives—until the bank reneges on the loan. Taking money from her ex-lover isn’t an option, but typical of Jamie, he makes the offer too tempting to refuse.

She might still love him, but history says they can’t be more than friends. Maybe not even that.



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