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Cheryl Phipps

Reckless Billionaire (EBOOK)

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Friends to Lovers Romance (Billionaire Knights Book 4)

Life at high speed will kill him.

If his family doesn’t do it first.

Matthew Knight’s got problems—according to his family. He's asked them not to worry about him, but that’s not about to happen anytime soon. Plus, they've taken his motorcycle as proof he's playing a dangerous game of chicken with his life.

Reluctantly, he agrees to have a nurse babysit him. While that won’t do his image as the most daring Knight any good, Aimee Parker sure is hot, so things could be a lot worse. And her sense of humor is a bonus he could do with right now.

Aimee doesn’t want to feel sorry for a man who has everything he desires. Not when her life is so vastly different, and can barely make her rent. The trouble is, Matt’s one gorgeous hunk of mixed up male, who tugs at her senses while broadening her horizons in so many surprising ways.

What will she do when he’s all healed, and she has to go back to being a nobody?


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