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Cheryl Phipps

Resident Billionaire (EBOOK)

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An Enemy to Lovers Romance (Billionaire Knights Book 5)

Could you choose between loyalty and love?

Caris Knight fell in love with the cowboy; knowing a relationship with him would never be easy. There’s too much opposition, and the tall, fair-haired Texan is the biggest obstacle of all. Patience is not exactly her strongest trait, but Caris is used to obstacles, and she’s not made for giving up.

She must find a way to penetrate his stubbornness and sense of loyalty to make him see she’s right for him. Studying to be a doctor has taught her to look at everything from all angles and she thinks she has him figured out.

Andy loves the Knights. Orphaned as a young boy, they saved him in too many ways to count. He owes them everything.

After a stint in the army, he arrived home to find the baby of the family all grown up. Not only that, but the mutual dislike has morphed into something he can’t handle.

Security and guns are what he knows, not delicate women who get under his skin and make him have thoughts that aren’t conducive to living with her family. The way he feels about her now is all kinds of wrong.

Isn’t it?

5* This is a great book about how opposites attract and family. I like how the author describes the characters to start and the uncertainty that they feel. The feeling for the Mum is pretty special, and I liked that a big badass guy can be scared of his Mum. These billionaire books are great and so connected that you know who is who, and you can picture the individual characters and anticipate each story. ~ Monie

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