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Cheryl Phipps

The Millionaire Next Door (PAPERBACK)

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Neighbors don't kiss and tell.

A disastrous marriage is reason enough for Sacha to give up on men. When the sexy playboy moves in next door, he turns her regimented life on its head until she no longer trusts herself to be near him.

She doesn’t need a man or family to make her happy, but why won’t he believe her?

How did he miss the warning signs? Lucas fell for his beautiful neighbor after one ridiculous encounter. What begins as a challenge turns into something unexpected.

It feels real, but what does he know about this kind of love? And is the way she feels about family a deal breaker?

PAPERBACK. Book 1 in The Family Ties series.

5* "Family dynamics, love, betrayal, jealousy - all combine for a great read."

5 * “I loved this book. Once I started, I didn't want to stop. The characters felt real with real life problems and even the dirt bag ex husband found some humanity in the end.”

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