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Cheryl Phipps

The Millionaire's Proposal (PAPERBACK)

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Would you fight for a second chance?

When Georgia Wilson finds herself homeless, jobless, and publicly dumped by her fiancé, a live-in position seems almost ideal, even if it is in a cabin miles from town.

That was all before she met her sexy employer, who drives her crazy in ways she’s not prepared to deal with.

For author Dane Turner, who’s finding it hard to relate to his teenage daughter, and has a book deadline looming, the gorgeous teacher is one necessary distraction he can do without.

Why is keeping his distance so darn hard?

PAPERBACK. Book 2 in The Family Ties series.

"Heartwarming and Sexy Romance."

“Really sweet story, and gives you a warm glow. Definitely recommended for lovers of contemporary romance and women’s fiction.”