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Cheryl Phipps

The Trouble With Exes (PAPERBACK)

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Are second chances for everyone?

Eve Conroy

Returning to Sycamore Springs is something I thought I’d never do. With my big fat divorce pending, no job, little money, and two kids to support, there is no choice. As if I haven’t got enough to worry about, there’s this unwanted attraction to a man several years younger than me.

Hot or not, it just isn’t going to happen.

Adam Norton

My last two relationships were complete disasters. Meeting Eve again, the sister-in-law of the woman I jilted at the altar—therefore completely out of bounds—is keeping me awake. Why do I do this to myself?

Whatever this is, I think that cupid might be having a whole lot of fun at my expense.

PAPERBACK. Book 2 in The Sycamore Springs series.