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Pick up the next 3 books in the Maple Lane Mysteries in a bundle!

Maddie’s best friend is in deadly trouble!

If you loved Murder, She Wrote, you’ll enjoy Maddie’s style because she’s not taking no for an answer either.

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

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Ebooks are delivered instantly by email from our delivery partner, Bookfunnel).

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You can read the ebooks on any ereader (Amazon, Kobo, Nook), your tablet, phone, computer, and/or in the free Bookfunnel app.

Read a Sample

Colorfully attired, Angel entered, singing, “Good morning, everyone.”
Her best friend brought the sunshine inside, regardless of what the weather was doing beyond the front door. Dressed in a pink wrap-around smock and jeans, the uniform of her hair salon, her hair piled on top of her head in some elaborate concoction, she always looked immaculate. Maddie couldn’t resist brushing some flour off her apron.
“I need doughnuts. The morning has been never-ending, and if I’m going to make it to lunch, then you better bring me three of them.”
Maddie studied her in fond amazement. A woman who looked like a goddess and downed doughnuts like they were crackers while maintaining a figure to die for was very annoying. Or she would be if Angeline Broome wasn’t so darned lovable and the least vain person she had ever met. “I’ll package them up for you.”
“Only two, please. I’ll eat one right away if you don’t mind?”
Maddie handed her a strawberry-flavored, frosted doughnut in a napkin and put the other two in a bag then rang up the sale. Angel had already dropped the correct amount on the counter and delicately wiping her mouth, but the doughnut in her hand was barely touched.
Angel smiled, but for once it didn’t quite reach her eyes, and Maddie knew her friend was troubled.
“Something’s wrong. Tell me what’s happened.”
Angel waved the doughnut tragically in the air. “I don’t know where to begin, sugar.”
“Now I’m really worried.”
Angel took a deep breath as she gave a quick glance to Gran and Luke. They were all friends in the room and had been through a lot together, so Maddie waited.
“It’s Brad. He’s coming to town.” With a heavy sigh, Angel slipped her uneaten doughnut into the bag.
Maddie felt as though she had been punched in the stomach, so Angel must be sick at the prospect, and it was no wonder she’d lost her appetite. The usual morning doughnut purchase had been nothing more than a habit.