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C A Phipps

Beagles Love Cupcake Crimes (PAPERBACK)

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Is this Murder, She Baked? If you love cooking wrapped around a mystery, then this is the series for you!

Cooking is all celebrity chef Lyra St. Claire ever wanted to do. Plucked from school and being thrown into the limelight was not the plan. When everything goes wrong, she yearns for her hometown and a simpler life. Where people aren’t pretending to be your friend.

But first, she must find a murderer. Sure, it isn't the wisest thing to do, but since the police have no leads, and Cinnamon the beagle agrees, it's time to sniff out who dislikes Lyra and her friends enough to ruin their lives.

Crimes and clues aside, what could be the motive?

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries features one clever beagle who owns a celebrity chef and together they discover a talent for the amateur sleuth business.

You’ll find a great recipe at the end of every book!


As soon as they landed her driver collected the delivered limousine and took them straight to the contestant’s hotel. It wasn’t super fancy, but, as Lyra could attest, when you were young and struggling to find your way, a hotel that had working elevators and clean towels every day was amazing.

Not all the contestants fit into the financially challenged category. Justine Long certainly didn’t, and, according to Lyra’s agent, her parents were out for retribution. Maybe they deserved it, but from whom or what, no one seemed to know, which made things doubly upsetting—and awkward.

The police believed Justine committed suicide, so her agent sent her into the fray to do damage control. Symon played to her weakness of caring and wanting to make things right with the excuse that he was too busy.
Too busy to do his job?

Lyra swallowed her anger and slipped out of the cab after Maggie, her assistant. None of this was the contestants’ fault, and she worried how it was affecting them. 
Nodding to the concierge, who was expecting them, they hurried to the elevator and rode it to the next floor.
Maggie had arranged for the manager to let them use the conference room so Lyra could speak to the contestants together. 
Some were tearful, while others paced the room, but they were all there.
“Thanks so much for coming this morning. I know Justine’s death is a terrible thing to come to terms with, and I’m proud of you for not quitting.”
She looked at each of them, having already decided to be completely honest no matter that Symon had told her what to say. “You have every right to be upset by this and what the media are reporting about it not being an accident, despite what the police tell us.”

A dark-haired contestant sat at a table chewing her nails. “They don’t know for certain that it wasn’t,” she muttered.
“Do you know something that would prove there was foul play, Ashley? This is important. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt, and I’m sure you don’t either,” Lyra implored.

Ashley’s mouth quivered. “I only know what we all do. Justine bagged you the whole time. She was jealous of anyone who got more airtime than her, but she truly couldn’t stand you.”