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C A Phipps

Beagles Love Steak Secrets (EBOOK)

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A killer who wants revenge, confused residents, and a watcher in the woods!

Back in her hometown, with a new-look diner proving popular, everything is going great for ex-celebrity chef Lyra St. Claire and her beagle, Cinnamon.

Until the sudden death of a friend.

Now a dark cloud hangs over the residents of Fairview. This was no accident!

The police have their suspicions, but if Lyra can't find out whodunnit soon and why, someone could get away with murder. Plus, it might spell the end of the diner.

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries features a clever beagle who owns a celebrity chef. Together, they discover a talent for the amateur sleuth business.

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Read a Sample

“The cupcakes are just out of the oven, Ms. Filmore.”

Arabelle sniffed. “If that were true, the frosting would be melting.”

“Did you want one?” Lyra held a set of tongs in her hand, thinking what she’d like to do with them had nothing to do with food, and smiled.

“Don’t rush me. I’m still thinking about it.”

“Take as long as you need.” Lyra put the tongs down. The problem with waiting for Arabelle was that she refused to move out of the way or take a seat, and the line grew.

“I’ll get my usual, please,” called a man over the top of the tiny woman’s head.

“You wait your turn, Robert McKenna!” Arabelle scolded.

He shrugged. “If we did that every time you dithered around in here, we’d starve.”

Arabelle looked him up and down and sniffed. “I can’t see that happening.”

Also in his sixties, Rob was as fit as a man half his age. Grinning, he patted his slightly rounded stomach. “It’s all bought and paid for, Belle. Thanks for noticing, though.”

Arabelle sucked in a large breath. “Don’t you dare call me that!”

Rob laughed. “You were Belle as a kid and, as far as I’m concerned, still Belle now.” 

Feathers well and truly ruffled, her mouth opened and closed several times. Arabelle being lost for words was a sight Lyra hadn’t seen before. She took that moment to send Rob’s order through to the kitchen, then waited, along with every customer in earshot, for Arabelle to focus.

“All that fat will kill you,” Arabelle finally managed through clenched teeth.

Rob took a seat and blew her a cheeky kiss. “You’re such a caring woman, can’t think why you haven’t been snapped up long ago.”