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C A Phipps

Berry Betrayal (PAPERBACK)

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Antiques, murder, and mystery!

Tasked with cataloging an important citizen's family treasures, Violet Finch is finally following her dreams of assessing antiques and books—until items go missing.

Her mentor’s training ensures that Violet can't help being intrigued by the surrounding mystery. However, she's also worried that her eldest sister Scarlett won't manage the Cozy Café without her once she qualifies and leaves town.

While the rest of the family intends to smooth the transition, things soon turn pear-shaped when a friend is murdered. If her guess over the thief’s identity is correct, she might not be hunting more than one criminal. The sheriff is unimpressed with her half-baked ideas, or how the clues find her first, but rescue pets, Bob and George, seem to think she's on the right track.

Can Violet, her sisters, and the pets solve the crimes? Or will they become the latest targets?

The Cozy Café mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring family-focused café owners who discover they're talented amateur sleuths—and a magnet for animals.

Enjoy a FREE recipe or two in every book!


Arthur leaned around the machine so he could see Violet. “Do you have a minute to spare for a chat anytime soon?”

His hushed tone and intense look intrigued her. “Sure. The group has their food and coffee and we’re not busy right now if it’s urgent.”

He glanced behind him. “Not here. I’d like to discuss something in private.”

Now she was really interested. “I do have to pick up a few things from the stationers. Shall I come to your office?”

He chewed his top lip for a moment. “I’d rather not. There are too many people hanging around there lately.”

“Okay.” Violet was confused and Scarlett who caught the tail end of the conversation had a frown so deep Violet was worried it might become permanent. “What do you suggest?”
“Have we done something wrong?” Scarlett blurted before he could answer. “You’re scaring us a little.”

Violet stiffened, remembering how he had been so against them and the café not so long ago, but he laughed. Only, it wasn’t the sort of laugh that made you want to join in which was almost worse than his seriousness.

“I have a little problem that I think Violet could help me out with. I just don’t want all the busybodies knowing about it.”

Violet raised an eyebrow. “If you can tell me who doesn’t fall into that category, we might be able to avoid them.”