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C A Phipps

Cookies and Chaos (EBOOK)

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A cookie connundrum, a crummy murder, and twin terrors!

Using her bakery and expertise, Madeline Flynn helps the sheriff’s twin nephews with their cookie sales—until strange things happen at the community center where they sell them.

With a puzzling death, vandalism and a nasty scam, the danger on their doorstep can’t be ignored. Maddie is once again whisked up in an investigation that will take all her sleuthing skills.

Gran, a posse of girlfriends, plus Big Red, her faithful Maine coon, won’t let her do it alone. Along with the handsome sheriff, they’re wading through clues as thick as cookie dough, hoping that the timer won’t go off on another murder.

Have they taken on more than they can chew?

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

Delicious Cozy Mysteries with free recipes.

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Read a Sample

Luke, her young intern, came through from the kitchen, looking apologetic and awkward. “Sorry to interrupt, but there’s a call. I tried to deal with it, but he insisted on talking to you.”
Maddie felt his unease at being left to serve Ethan, but it wasn’t something she could prevent indefinitely. The sheriff had grilled the teenager at length in regard to a murder and blackmail a while back, but there had been no evidence to prove he had anything more to do with it than protecting his brother’s girlfriend who had shown signs of abuse.
“I won’t be long,” she promised.
“How are you, Luke?” Ethan asked.
“I’m good, thanks.”
Maddie smiled at the exchange, hearing the slight stiltedness in both men as she went into the kitchen. The call was from her supplier, apologizing that their delivery man, Owen, was having vehicle issues and her order wouldn’t be delivered until tomorrow. Fortunately, she had a fear of this very thing happening and never let her stock get too low, so it wasn’t a problem.
It was odd that this wasn’t the first time Owen had problems delivering her order on the right day. He’d started out so efficiently a few months back and had a quick wit that had her interns in fits of laughter. Even Laura, who took time to warm to a person.
Lately, the man seemed exhausted. And kind of sad, although he tried to hide it. You could never tell what was really going on with people, and she didn’t feel she knew him well enough to pry.