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C A Phipps

Deadly Desserts (EBOOK)

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A plea from the past can't be ignored!

While her sisters fought hard to keep the cafe alive, Ruby Finch had her eye on becoming the town librarian. It took a death for that to come about which wasn’t ideal. 

Now she's helping her fiancé with his new diner, the site of a murder and then arson, and wondering why bad things keep happening.

When she finds a note with a plea for help, Ruby can’t agree with the sheriff that it is a hoax or a joke. Thankfully her sisters trust her intuition. The three of them dig deep into a rich family’s history knowing it isn’t welcome.

Knowing it could be very dangerous.

The Cozy Café mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring family-focused café owners who discovers they are talented amateur sleuths—and magnets for animals.

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Read a Sample

A part of Ruby wanted to personally keep special books like this. Unfortunately, it warred with her desire to have them available to all customers. However a book from the 1800’s wouldn’t be suitable for lending to multiple people at a library.
She held the book reverently and opened it carefully, prepared to worry about the logistics later.
It was so well kept, despite the appearance of the boxes, and she felt sure the others would be in just as good a condition. Flicking the pages slowly, she smiled at the smell and old-fashioned typeset. 

A piece of paper slipped to the floor.
 She replaced the book and bent to pick it up. Her eyes widening as the first words stood out from all the rest.

Help me. 

I am an unworthy embarrassment to the family.
Someone to be hidden away.

I just want to be free.

Ruby’s breath came quickly as she turned the note over in her hand. There was no signature and nothing else. Who wrote it?
And, more importantly, when?