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C A Phipps

Fudge and Frenemies (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Fudge and Frenemies, Book 6 in the Maple lane Mysteries

Friend or deadly foe?

When Maddie accompanies her Gran on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to London, she didn’t expect to fall into a mystery.

The run-down castle her mom and stepfather own is targeted by someone who makes it clear that newcomers aren’t welcome. With a murder on their doorstep and old rumors resurfacing, things heat up and not only in the kitchen.

A less than friendly sergeant means Maddie must piece everything together behind his back before the evidence and the killer disappears. Do the answers lie within the castle walls or in the sleepy village down the road? Or could it concern a family member?

And will Big Red, Maddie’s faithful Maine coon cat, forgive her for leaving him behind in Maple Falls?

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

Each book contains an easy recipe or two.


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Read a Sample

Gran tutted. “For a moment, I forgot what a bad flyer you are.”

Maddie took a deep breath. She hated this feeling of being out of control, but it wasn’t right to take it out on anyone else. “Am I being a pain?”

“I think you’re very brave to do something that terrifies you, and you could never be a pain—except when it comes to your sleuthing proclivity.”

They both laughed at the truth behind the words—Maddie not quite as wholeheartedly. A few weeks ago, she received a disturbing email from her mom and still hadn’t shared the contents with her grandmother. This was unusual in that they discussed almost everything, but appreciating how Gran was driven to distraction with Maddie’s involvement in several crimes over the last year or so, she didn’t want to alarm her. Or, if she was truthful, didn’t want Gran to dissuade her from the trip. 

She’d been considering the best way to broach the subject, but it was tricky. If only she knew what her mom meant by “strange occurrences” happening at the castle. Having printed the email, she’d reread it many times but couldn’t pinpoint a reason for Ava’s worry. Was someone simply out to scare her mom, or was there more at work there?
Perhaps misunderstanding Maddie’s heavy sigh, Gran changed the subject. 
“I wonder how everyone is doing back in Maple Falls. I’m positive Laura and Luke will make sure the bakery runs smoothly while you’re away, so you’ve nothing to worry about there.”

It was easy to picture her two interns working harmoniously together. Laura was nearly thirty, like Maddie, but Luke was barely out of his teens. They were so different, yet made a great team because of their passion for baking—a passion Maddie shared and encouraged.
“I’ve no doubts about their abilities, but it does seem harsh to throw them in at the deep end when they’ve been baking such a short time.”

“It’s important for you to have a much-needed holiday.” Gran smiled serenely. “I’m so glad you took the time to enjoy it with me. Besides, you’ve taught them well, and I suspect that they’ll love the challenge.”

Maddie grinned. No one gave a pep talk better than Gran. “What about you? Will you miss your friends?”

“Absolutely, but I won’t let that ruin this trip. Oregon may be thousands of miles away, but I can phone them if need-be, and twelve days is not so long.” With an air of satisfaction, Gran leaned back into her business-class seat that her daughter had so generously purchased for them. “Staying in a castle will be a wonderful adventure, and hopefully you’ll get to meet my brother and his son.”