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C A Phipps

Gingerbread and Gunshots (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Book 7 in the Maple Lane Mysteries.

What does a bride-to-be and a killer have in common?

When the friend responsible for getting Maddie her first baking job comes to visit, it turns out she's bringing a mess of trouble to town.

As fond of her as Big Red is, the large Maine coon senses something is amiss from day one.

It's going to take all Maddie's skills, a legacy from her grandad, to keep her friends and family safe. While that's not exactly a new thing, this level of vengeance is worse than anything she's encountered so far.

Will her involvement in these crimes prove to Ethan yet again that Maddie's hardly marriage material?

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

Each book contains an easy recipe or two.


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Read a Sample

Gran burst through the back door. 

“Wow, news travels fast.” Maddie smirked.

“I saw Bernie driving off and couldn’t see the point in waiting for you to call me,” Gran said a little breathlessly. “Hello, Camille. How are you dear?”

Camille jumped up to kiss her. “Just fine, thank you, Mrs. Flynn.”

“Now, now. You know to call me Gran after all this time.”

“Of course—Gran. You look wonderful as usual.”

With her pink cheeks and trim figure, Gran looked younger than her seventy years, and though she waved away the praise she looked pleased by it.
“You are a charmer, just like your father and uncles. How are they?”

Camille's smile was still there, but it lost some of its brightness. Maddie wasn’t the only one to notice.

Gran tutted. “What’s happened sweetheart, are they okay?”
“It’s n-n-nothing.” Camille’s chin wobbled.

Maddie pushed the coffee mug toward her. “You know we won’t let it rest at that.”

“Luke, come and help me move the…thing. By the counter.” Laura nodded to the shop entrance.

He blinked. “What thing?” 

She glared at him and jerked her head more forcefully.

His eyes widened as the penny dropped. “Oh, yeah. That thing.”

Camille smiled as they left. “They’re so nice, just like you said.” 

Gran took a seat beside Camille and placed a hand over hers while Maddie brought a teapot as well as cups and saucers to the table, and once they were settled they waited for their guest to begin. 

Camille took a few gulps of her coffee then leaned back in her chair. “The uncles have picked out a husband for me.”
“What?!” they said simultaneously.

Camille nodded. “That’s right. I’m getting married sometime soon.”

“Can we assume by your face and tone that you don’t want to marry this boy?” Gran asked carefully.

With a telling shrug, Camille chewed a fingernail. “I wouldn’t choose him for myself.” 

Maddie shrugged. “So you'll say no, right?”