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C A Phipps

Mocha Mayhem (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. Book 3 in The Cozy Café series from USA Today Bestselling author, C. A. Phipps.

A seaside wedding - the perfect catering job for The Cozy Café.

Except for the body!

Wanting to put the café firmly on the map, Scarlett didn’t imagine things would go so horribly wrong when she took the job at the last minute. Along with her sisters, she’s once more embroiled in a case where people aren’t who they say, and murder appears to be an inconvenience. 

Sadly, when money has too much power, families are in turmoil, and a close friend hides their feelings so well, Scarlett has no idea how to untangle this web.

Even the sheriff struggles to get people to talk, and knowing that the culprit is in their midst makes things decidedly uncomfortable. 

Meanwhile, George, the cat, is unimpressed to have a visitor in the house and quite happy to let everyone know about it!

The Cozy Café mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a family-focused café owner who discovers she's a talented amateur sleuth—and a magnet for animals.