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C A Phipps

Mocha Mayhem (EBOOK)

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A seaside wedding, the perfect catering job, a deadly discovery!

Wanting to put the café firmly on the map, Scarlett didn’t imagine things could go so horribly wrong when she took the last minute job. Along with her sisters, she’s once more embroiled in a case where people aren’t who they say, and murder appears to be an inconvenience.

When money has too much power, families are in turmoil, and a close friend hides their true feelings, Scarlett has no idea how to untangle this web.

Even the sheriff struggles to get people to talk, and knowing that the culprit is in their midst makes things decidedly uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, George, the cat, is unimpressed to have a visitor in the house and quite happy to let everyone know about it!

The Cozy Café mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a family-focused café owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth—and a magnet for animals.

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Read a Sample

Raised voices came from the sitting room where Scarlett’s interview and subsequent meetings had been conducted.
She hesitated. Should she interrupt or simply take the tray out to a waiter without asking? The wrath of Mrs. Turner might rain down in either scenario. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Scarlett straightened her apron and tapped on the door.
Silence. Then the clear sound of another door banging.
“Come!” Mrs. Turner’s commanding voice rang out.
Scarlett opened the door, not as composed as she might appear. Mrs. Turner sat in an expensive-looking chair that she’d used every time they’d met. Other than the two of them, the room was empty, and the French doors across the room were closed.
“You wanted to see the selection presentation of canapés before they go out.”
“Very well. Bring it here.” The woman snapped her fingers rudely.
Scarlett crossed the thick carpet and bent so that the tray would be easier to view.
“This looks acceptable. You may serve them as soon as anyone arrives.”
“A few guests are here already.”
Eyes narrowed, Mrs. Turner huffed. “How annoying. Very well. I shall be out there soon.”
Scarlett stopped herself from bowing at the clear dismissal, giving a small nod instead. Then she got out of there as fast as she could.
It nagged at her that someone had been in that room, arguing with Mrs. Turner, and she hoped it had nothing to do with her or her family. She shook her head. There was enough to do without worrying about who Mrs. Turner had upset or about what.