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C A Phipps

Sweet Saboteur (EBOOK)

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An enemy—or two, secret plans, struggling sisters!

Hounded by deadly gossip, Scarlett's determined not to give in to the pressure to close the family business and she’ll do anything to turn things around and give her sisters a better life.

Except murder!

The shocking death points to the café as the likely cause and Scarlett must put all fears aside to solve the mystery before everything she’s fought to keep safe is lost—or worse!

Who wants them out of Cozy Hollow bad enough to kill?

The Cozy Café mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a family-focused café owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth—and a magnet for animals.

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Arthur Tully looked at her with what appeared to be a mixed expression of dislike and amusement. The mayor of Cozy Hollow was not a particularly pleasant man unless he wanted something. Marginally shorter than Violet and Scarlett’s height of 5’ 8”, Arthur often wore thick-soled shoes to appear taller and more imposing.
He also had the habit of leaning forward into the personal space area, which was most disconcerting. Having perfected this towering stance, the only thing a person could do was move away—quickly.
“Something smells good in here,” Arthur stated with his wolf-like grin when she’d done precisely that.
Placing a cover over the brownies, Violet snorted. “It could be the baking.”
Behind the counter, Scarlett kicked her sassy sister’s ankle.
Violet was not endowed with an abundance of subtlety. Still, no matter that Arthur Tully had been heard making disparaging remarks about the café—and the three sisters—he was still a customer.
Scarlett ignored her younger sister’s glare. “What can we do for you, Mr. Tully?”
“I wonder if you could provide some food for the town committee this morning? Nothing too fancy, obviously.” He gave a sniff to perhaps indicate that he wasn’t expecting that as a possibility.
Their dislike being mutual, the request came as a surprise which Scarlett struggled to keep from her face.
Daisy Archer, from the Cozy Diner, was usually the go-to person for any catering. Still, as Daisy was a committee member it make sense that she simply attend meetings and not have to worry about making food. Plus, Scarlett wasn’t about to turn down work, no matter how small.
“We’d be happy to. How many people should we cater for?”
“There will be six of us.” He looked about shiftily before adding, “The usual group.”